Our menu changes daily with the seasons and the availability of fresh locally sourced ingredients.
These are a selection of regular favourites

  • While you Wait

  • Olives and Feta


    (V) (GF)

  • Bread & Oils

  • Crispy Kale


    Tossed in sea salt and topped with flaked almonds

  • Honey and Mustard Chipolatas

  • Edamame Beans


    With salt and pepper

  • Filberts Nibbles

    £2.50 / £6.00

    Marikesh Spiced Nuts / French Rosemary Almonds / Chilli Crackers / Mexican Sweet Chilli £2.50 each (Go for the trio for £6)

  • Bar Snacks

  • Pork Belly Bites

    £4.50 / £12.00

    Maple & Sesame / Teriyaki / Gochujang £4.50 each (Go for the trio for £12) (GF)

  • Starters

  • Soup of the Day


    Served with sea salt and rosemary focaccia (V) (VE) (GFO)

  • Baked Potato Skins


    Crispy skins, filled with fluffy potato and topped with gorgonzola and rocket (GF) (V)

  • Breaded Brie Wedges


    Deep fried and served with salad garnish and sweet chilli dipping sauce (V)

  • Tuna & Caper Butter


    Blended to make a delicious pate, served with toast and salad garnish (GFO)

  • Cajun Spiced Prawn Cocktail


    Crispy fried prawns in a Cajun batter, served with Marie Rose sauce, avocado, cucumber and iceberg